Dr. Tolani's Bio

After Hitesh graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, he trained in pediatric, special needs, and public health dentistry. He completed his BS magna cum laude in computer science with an emphases in math and biology from Wofford College. Today Dr. Tolani serves as an adjunct faculty at Tufts School of Dental Medicine in the department of Public Health and Community Service while also serving as an advisor for students interested in healthcare and entrepreneurship careers at Harvard College.

Hitesh’s personal story is compelling. His success led to national immigration precedent and emphasized for him first-hand the meaning of supporting others, as he watched over 35,000 people selflessly advocate for him and his family. This life experience drives Hitesh’s commitment to do for others and as a public health oriented dentist, Hitesh has worked to fulfill this commitment through expanding access to oral healthcare.

Hitesh conceptualized, nurtured and built the foundation for Virtudent at the Harvard Innovation Labs and eventually launched the company with three desires: 1) To pay forward the kindness shown to him; 2) To advocate for all patients to have high quality, ethical, and transparent care; and 3) To increase access to care for those who are unable to access dentistry, a basic healthcare need.

Today, when asked about Virtudent’s commitment to do good while doing well, Hitesh very gratefully points back to those 35,000 individuals who supported him and his family.