Case studies

LogMeIn promotes total wellbeing through Virtudent's onsite care and convenience

LogMeIn, one of the world’s top 10 SaaS companies, focuses on delivering the best software solutions to simplify how people connect with one another. As the company rapidly scales and works to attract top talent, it has also focused on promoting total wellbeing and making it simple for employees to take care of themselves by offering onsite care and convenience.

Wayfair Saves 354 Employee Work Hours

As a rapidly growing public company with 7,000+ employees, the H.R. team at Wayfair is tasked with creating and cultivating a dynamic work environment with benefits that appeal to all walks of life that make up the Wayfair team. In particular, the company focuses on benefits that encourage learning, personal and professional growth, and work-life balance in order to promote healthy living and wellness. Learn how Virtudent partnered with Wayfair to help provide a benefit relevant to each employee and the impact of onsite dental visits over a 6 month period.

Kel & Partners Sees 20% Employee Activation

Virtudent was excited to visit a firm which prides itself on making employees happy. With material provided by the Virtudent team, Kel & Partners was able to generate lots of excitement from their employees. Almost 20% of the company signed up to receive their routine dental visit in the office. Of the patients seen at Kel & Partners, the average time since the last dental visit was almost 12 months. Additionally, 66% of patients were flagged as having moderate or high risk for cavities, gum disease, or oral cancer by a Previser™ risk assessment.