Employers can bring Virtudent dental visits to the office at no cost


Setup call

Schedule a call with our team to reserve visit dates

conference room

Reserve a conference room

Our high-tech onsite dental clinic can fit in any 10’x10′ room


Send announcement email

Forward our announcement email for employees to sign up online

164 Million work hours are lost annually due to dental visits

No more putting off the dentist

Our oral health affects our overall health, yet more and more Americans are foregoing their dental appointments due to their busy schedules, leading to 12-15% higher medical costs downstream.

No-cost benefit

After implementation, our visits are a no-cost benefit for employers, meaning we come on site without affecting your budget. Our whole practice fits in a kit the size of a suitcase and we bring it to you so your employees don’t have to take time off to come to us.

Plus, we’re in-network with most major insurance providers!

Fast & easy setup

Once your dates are selected and a conference room is reserved, you can sit back and relax because your dedicated Client Success Manager will handle all logistics, from patient sign-ups & reschedulings, to setup, and through to individual insurance billing.

Award-winning quality of care

We’ve made sure every link in the Virtudent care chain is of the highest quality:

•  State-of-the-art technology – Virtudent’s equipment is better than most dental offices
•  Care you can trust – Virtudent hygienists are board-certified and rigorously vetted
•  Leading dentists – all from top dental schools including the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, and Tufts

Interested in bringing Virtudent visits to your office?

Virtudent visits are free for employers

  • On-site employee dental hygiene cleanings
  • Flexible visit date selection
  • Dedicated patient success manager
  • Customized announcement materials
  • Advanced telemedicine patient portal
  • Dental cleaning visit summary
  • Bright smiling employees