Percent of available appointments filled in the first 3 mins.


Average number of years since last dental visit


Work hours saved


Children who received oral health education and dental supplies thanks to Wayfair employees visiting Virtudent

  Company:    Wayfair        

Location:    Boston, MA

 Employees:  7,000          

   Insurance:   Cigna Dental

Wayfair is one of the world’s largest online destinations for the home. A Boston based e-commerce company with operations throughout North America and Europe, Wayfair is rapidly growing and expanding it’s team. While continuing to grow, the company recognizes the role employees play in the overall success of its mission. Therefore, the H.R. team is tasked with creating and maintaining a dynamic work environment with benefits that appeal to all walks of life that make up the Wayfair team. In particular, the company focuses on benefits that encourage learning, personal and professional growth, and work-life balance in order to promote healthy living and wellness.

The Impact

Wayfair partnered with Virtudent’s to offer on-site preventive dental visits for their employees. Over the course of 6 months, 10 days of Virtudent visits were provided at Wayfair’s Boston headquarters, during which 118 patients were seen. Of the patients seen at Wayfair, the average time since the last dental visit was 3.8 years! By partnering with Virtudent for 10 days, Wayfair saved 354 employee work hours as patients were away from their desk on average for 1 hour, rather than the 4 hours or more typically required to visit a traditional dentist.


A commitment to oral healthcare is beneficial to employees in many ways. By making dental care accessible to their busy employees, Wayfair recognizes that oral health impacts overall health, as studies show that maintaining good oral health lowers medical complications and lowers medical costs by 12-15%. Additionally,  the preventive care provided by Virtudent also provides companies, like Wayfair, bottom line benefits – as studies also have shown that companies nurturing a culture of health outperform the market by 2.3:1. Virtudent’s visits at Wayfair also resulted in oral health education and dental supplies for 118 school children in underserved areas of Boston.